Allogeneic Approach

In the allogeneic approach, a universal iPSC line is used to generate cells and tissues needed for restoring normal biological function in patients.

These cells lines are engineered to be protected from being attacked by the patient’s immune system, allowing rapid and cost-effective treatment of currently incurable diseases while harnessing the revolutionary potential of cellular therapy.

Healthy donor

Genomic and biological studies confirm suitability for developing universal cell banks

Blood draw

Cells are isolated from a small blood draw from the healthy donor


Healthy donor’s blood cells are reprogrammed into iPSCs using the “Yamanaka” factors

Hypoimmunogenic engineering

Healthy iPSCs are engineered to enable immune evasion and universal application in all patients

Differentiated cells

Universal iPSCs are differentiated into disease-specific cell types and tissues


Healthy universal cells and tissues are transplanted into patients