Our Technology

Vita is developing novel cell therapies that combine cutting-edge induced pluripotent stem cells (iPSCs) technology and CRISPR-based genome editing to activate the regenerative potential of our patients’ bodies and cure muscular dystrophies at their root.

Cell Therapy

At Vita, we strive to transform the way we treat patients by addressing the root cause of their disease using truly curative cellular medicines, rather than merely treating symptoms by lifelong pharmaceutical drug regimens.

By restoring and improving tissue functions on a cellular level, we aim to refine the quality of life for patients whose medical needs are currently unmet. We are developing approaches to fix genetic defects in patient-derived stem cells and reintroduce healthy tissue generated from these cells back into the patient to restore normal function. We are also building cost-effective universal cell types that can treat all patients and bring economies of scale to our novel cellular therapeutics.

Correct genetic defects

Develop universal
cells and cellular
medicine to scale

Cell Therapy

Rebuild healthy
cells and tissues

Unlock regeneration

Develop universal cells

Disease target is confirmed and genetic mutation(s) causing the disease are identified

Correct genetic defects

Cells are isolated from a small blood draw from the patient

Rebuild healthy cells and tissues

Blood cells are reprogrammed into iPSCs using the ‘Yamanaka’ factors

Unlock regeneration

Disease-causing genetic mutations are corrected ex vivo using CRISPR technology

Autologous Approach
Patient-Specific Therapy
Allogeneic Approach
Universal Therapy
Clinical Trials

Vita Therapeutics will soon be recruiting 15 patients for a first-in-human (FIH) clinical trial of VTA-100. Please monitor this site for more details on the trial and timing.