Autologous Approach

In the autologous approach, a sample of a patient's blood is used to generate stem cells with nearly unlimited potential for expansion and differentiation into specialized cell types in our laboratories.

These “pluripotent” stem cells are securely banked and used to create gene-corrected healthy cells and tissues that can be reintroduced into the patient to recover biological function, support true regeneration, and cure disease at the root.


Disease target is confirmed and genetic mutation(s) causing the disease are identified

Blood draw

Cells are isolated from a small blood draw from the patient


Blood cells are reprogrammed into iPSCs using the ‘Yamanaka’ factors

Genetic correction

Disease-causing genetic mutations are corrected ex vivo using CRISPR technology


Gene-corrected iPSCs are differentiated into disease-specific cell types and tissues


Healthy cells and tissues are transplanted back into the patient

Clinical Trials

Vita Therapeutics will soon be recruiting 15 patients for a first-in-human (FIH) clinical trial of VTA-100. Please monitor this site for more details on the trial and timing.